Time is Just Flying By!

Seriously, how is it possible that we are already rounding the corner into February next week?!?

While staying busy keeps life interesting, it sure makes time fly by quickly!  I almost cannot believe our trip to Disneyland and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon has already come and gone.  With a couple exciting big races just around the corner (Princess Half Marathon at the end of February and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC in April), there is still a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Although my blog posting frequency has been just abysmal lately, I have been gearing up to write Disneyland and Tink Half Recaps!  Unfortunately, this post will not really be either of those things. I have been running (not necessarily literally running) non-stop since I got back from my trip between work and some fun so the idea of taking on that arduous task today is just too much.  Don’t worry, trip, expo, and race recaps will come!  I just need a little time to play “catch up” in life first.

Here are just a few more photo highlights from our vacation:

I love this charming little castle.  This is my happiest place on earth!

I love this charming little castle. This is my happiest place on earth!

Had to get my mouse ears on!

Had to get my mouse ears on!


I LOVE the Disneyland Churro.  I think a post devoted to Disneyland food is probably in order...

I LOVE the Disneyland Churro. I think a post devoted to Disneyland food is probably in order…

Dinner at Club 33

Dinner at Club 33


Love Buena Vista Street & Mickey!

Love Buena Vista Street & Mickey!



Back to Reality

So, what have I been up to since I’ve been back?  I won’t go into the details but work has been very fun but very busy.  I have had some time to sneak in some runs and some fun though too!

Tuesday – We returned to Florida bright and early on the red-eye flight from LAX.  After sneaking in a couple extra hours of sleep at home it was into work.  I got home from work around 9:30 pm or so and collapsed into bed.  No work out tonight.  Just.  Survive.

Wednesday – I actually felt surprisingly fresh on Tuesday in spite of my lack of sleep and crazy travel schedule but I started to drag on Wednesday.  I had (maybe foolishly?) made plans to go to the Hoop De Doo Revue the day after this wonderfully crazy vacation for the 8:30 pm show but really wanted to hit the pavement for my first post-race run.  I rushed home and snuck in a relaxed 3.1 miles then off to the Fort Wilderness Resort for some fun!  I love my friends and I couldn’t have been happier that I went – it was tons of fun!


Thursday  – I looked forward to my evening group run all day!  Having a great race like Tinker Bell definitely is a reminder of just how much you love to run.  I hung with the faster group and felt good.  I even joined the guys for an extra lap of a section of our route for “speed.”  We ended up at around 4.7 miles for the day.

Friday – My dad just flew in for the weekend so I had some nice family time and took the night off running.  I don’t want to push things too hard while my body recovers from Tink.

Saturday – Charles and I did and easy 3.1 this morning and enjoyed spending some time together back in our beautiful neighborhood.  It’s off to Magic Kingdom with my parents for the rest of the day and, after going through Disneyland withdrawal, I need a fresh dose of Pixie Dust!

It’s hard to go back to reality after an amazing vacation, but I really can’t complain about my reality.  It’s pretty fantastic and filled with incredible people and experiences.  I should thank my lucky stars every day.

How do you get back into the groove of normal life and training after a great race, fabulous vacation, or combination of both?



2 thoughts on “Time is Just Flying By!

    • whyhellodolly says:

      Agreed! It’s so hard to cope when it’s all over. At least I have Princess to look forward to. After that, it will be long, hard wait till Tower/Wine & Dine.

      Thank you – glad you enjoyed the pics! I definitely enjoyed taking them 🙂

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