Fun and Excitement This Week PEOPLE!

So we have just a few very exciting things happening this week.  Isn’t it such a nice feeling when a Monday marks the week starting off right rather than trudging painfully into the new week?  Answer: YES!

Tonight’s Track Workout

So, I am intimidated by my speed work at the track every week.  I’m pretty much nervous at work the whole day in anticipation and it is of course always scary to push yourself to the limit when you’re not necessarily 100% sure where that limit is.  Anyway, the goal in my training plan was 8 x 400 in 1:36 and for the first time since starting this new interval structure (really regimented equal time rest), I nailed it.  The last time I actually got to run my intervals on the track, I really faded and had to stop after 6 since my times were falling off so badly.  This week, I just about nailed every lap.  Here were my working splits: 1:37, 1:35, 1:33, 1:36, 1:37, 1:36, 1:38, 1:36.  Plus, this was with some super intense wind at times.  It felt awesome to look down at that watch and see all the splits right on target.  This was topped off with a nice 1 mile warm up and 2 mile warm down for a total of 5 miles of work.  These workouts may be the hardest but they are definitely also the most rewarding.

The RooSport is Here!

So the folks at The RooSport were so kind enough to supply me with trial product so I could test it out and give you all a nice, complete review (click here for a review of just why I wanted to try the RooSport so badly)!  Needless to say, I was quite excited to get this box in the mail:



Don’t worry, I’ll put this baby through its paces and give you all a full report!  Just my initial impression is that I think it will be perfect for solving my energy gel solution but I will make it prove itself!

The Treadmill Arrives Tomorrow!

Yes, that day has arrived.  Our baby is set to be delivered between a painful 6 and 8 am tomorrow so we will be ready for it!  The treadmill mat that we ordered on amazon to protect our beautiful wood floors from the pounding of our feet got here today so we are all set.  Although I plan to get my miles done outside in the morning, I may have to give it a little spin (assuming we are skilled enough to actually get it set up tomorrow night – which is definitely a question mark).




I got Pei Wei Chicken Pad Thai for lunch today…so how could it possibly be anyway but a good day!  Pei Wei Pad Thai is pretty much an obsession at this point and I can’t tell you how excited I am to eat my leftovers at work tomorrow (huge portion = leftovers baby!).  Just to make you all a little jealous…



Oh and, by the way, I have a well supported theory that Pad Thai is a magical super food that makes you run fast.  I have, on several occasions, eaten Pad Thai for dinner the night before a long run and just had a killer run in the morning.  Coincidence?  Maybe but I have my own theories.  It’s no wonder my track workout was so great today…just saying.

How is your week going so far?  What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you?


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