My Heart is with Boston Tonight


There are no words that make this tragic event ok. The tragedy at the Boston Marathon today has rocked the running community and has rocked me to my core. I have cried for the runners and spectators impacted by this horrifying event and will continue to as more of the terrible facts become known. One thing is certain…no one and nothing can take running away from us. Running is a sport so full of good – billions of dollars raised for charity, lifestyles permanently changed, that inner peace you feel when it’s just you and the pavement – and no evildoer can take that away. No matter how hard they try. I am sure many of you feel the same but this only fortifies my desire…no, my need…to run. I am looking forward to put on blue and yellow when I hit the track tomorrow evening and run for those who can’t. To run in tribute.

I think Patton Oswalt said it best on his Facebook page. You can view his comments here but, in essence, he says that the bad people make up such a small percentage of this world. We should instead focus on the incredible volunteers, law enforcement, and others who ran into the face of danger. They looked into what all of us fear most and did not hesitate. Although the world is a scary place in moments like this, the evil are relatively few and the good will always out number and triumph.

We will not be fearful. Heck, anyone that runs 13.1 or 26.2 for fun certainly is not ruled by fear. This is just another reminder that running is a gift that we cannot – will not be denied. Be thankful for every mile and never take it for granted.

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