A Quick Update: Nike Women’s Half DC

Hi everyone! Apologies in advance for funky formatting and since I’m writing this on my phone.

So I’ve been missing from the blog for days (as somewhat expected) so a lot has gone on in that time. The brief summary is that it was very rushed getting ready for this trip, Charles and I have been having a great time exploring Washington DC, oh – and I came down with a cold that I have not been able to shake since Thursday.

While I was worried about how the race would go as a result of my cold, it ended up being a fabulous race and a great day. I’ll fill you in on all the details but here are the facts:


Chip Time: 1:54:25

Pretty darn good given the circumstances! That’s my second fastest time, slower than my PR by less than a minute.

I can’t wait to fill you all in soon! It’s back home tomorrow and I am so exhausted!

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