I’m back!

So, I can’t promise this will last but since my blog update of any kind was when my babies were small, I wanted to hop back in just a little bit.  If you’re keeping score, the boys just turned TWO.  T-W-O.  I no longer have 2 under 2.  As they look and act less like babies and more like little, functioning people, it’s actually less bittersweet than I might have imagined.  I am just so excited to see the little people they are becoming that I don’t cry too many tears about the phases we’re leaving behind.IMG_2686.JPG

I didn’t take much of a break from running when the boys were born (I did my first postpartum half marathon when they were 8 months old) but those early days were really rough when it came to training.  It’s honestly taken the two years but I am back to running at least 3 days a week (more when I can) and starting to add some speed workouts back into the mix.  They’re on the treadmill instead of the track but it’s baby steps in the right direction.  I’m starting to think a lot about running goals so who knows – maybe I’ll get crazy and pick the blogging back up a bit.

Hopefully I can sneak in some time to update you on my crazy daily life soon!


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