Achilles, Ailments and Other Activities

So it has been another busy week or two here in our household.  Where to even begin? The 4th of July ends up making for an incredibly busy week in our home as my dear husband Charles was born on July 3rd!  This leads to a flurry of activity and a convenient day off the … Continue reading Achilles, Ailments and Other Activities

Fitness FRUSTRATION and the Silver Lining

Do you ever have just one of those days... Well, that's not quite accurate.  Today wasn't all bad.  I actually posted a record-breaking tim on my tempo run but I certainly had my fair share of frustrations. Tempo Run - 3.1 miles, 23:53 (PR) Let's start with the good.  The fact that a 3 appeared in … Continue reading Fitness FRUSTRATION and the Silver Lining