Fitness FRUSTRATION and the Silver Lining

Do you ever have just one of those days…

Well, that’s not quite accurate.  Today wasn’t all bad.  I actually posted a record-breaking tim on my tempo run but I certainly had my fair share of frustrations.

Tempo Run – 3.1 miles, 23:53 (PR)

Let’s start with the good.  The fact that a 3 appeared in the second digit of my time meant that this was a super speedy run for me – my fastest yet in fact.  If I post that sort of time at my next race, I will beat my previous best 5k race time (and maybe even place?) at my next race on December 1st.  I felt much stronger than I usually do on this run so I am definitely pleased with this progress!

HOWEVER – this is all in spite of my malfunctioning watch!  I think I’ve already spoke ad nausea about how much I love my Nike+ GPS Sports watch and Nike+’s online interface.  I still do – when it works anyway!  The issue started yesterday on my relaxed morning run.  My “instant pace” readout was much slower than my effort felt but I explained it away as “maybe I’m just really sluggish today.”  Then I finished the run to find that my pace was significantly faster than the readouts.  Hmm.  I adjusted the chip in my shoe (assuming that maybe something was off from changing to my new pair) and assumed everything would be fixed for my run this morning.  Not so lucky.

I love you – but sometimes – I hate you!

When I started my run, I knew I was working hard but all instant pace my readouts on my watch were numbers like 9:00, 9:30, 8:45, even 10:00!  I immediately knew this issue was not resolved.  I had to finish the run “pace blind.”  I guess it worked out well based on my performance but I was hoping to try practicing more even pacing in anticipation of my upcoming race.  I knew that without the guidance of my instant pace, I would push too hard for the first mile and decline from there.  From looking at my online readout, my pace for my entire run this morning was somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 pace – so way off!  Although I have had some issues with this watch in the past, it has been perfectly accurate for such a long time so the panic of “will this ever be fixed” set in immediately.

The Silver Lining

I stole a few minutes from my allocated “getting ready for work time” to call Nike+ phone support.  As always, the Nike rep was super nice and very helpful in troubleshooting.  We did a factory reset on the watch and he said that should fix the issue.  I won’t know till my next run but *fingers are crossed*!  If issues continue, he said they will replace the watch.  They have really been incredible with the fix or replace approach (a story best saved for another post some day) so I feel confident that my watch and I will be at peace again soon!

The Next Challenge

I was feeling a little weirdness in my left achilles tendon today but I didn’t think much of it and assumed it would go away.  Well, when I went to the cardio class at my gym tonight, I quickly realized that I should have taken the night off.  I will talk more about this class at some point but it’s called Kazaxe (pronounced “kah-zah-shay”) and is a high-intensity cardio dance work out set to hip hop/raggaeton/dance and other music.  Once described to me a “zumba on crack,” it’s an incredibly athletic class and requires a great deal of jumping among other things.  Well this was apparently not kind to my tendon tonight!  I tried to modify the routine, stretch as much as possible, and eliminate jumping where I could.  I should have stopped but once I’ve started something, my crazy self never wants to quit!

There’s no pain but it definitely does feel right.  So tonight I an evening full of RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation:

Vanna White over here demonstrating RICE – unfortunately!

So although tomorrow was supposed to be Group Run Day, it may be come rest and compress day instead!  These achilles issues usually resolve for me pretty quickly but who knows.  If it feels at all funny tomorrow, it’ll be an off day for this girl!

In Other Exciting News…

I am not what all this will entail but I am excited!  Although it’s in its infancy, I am really enjoying this blogging adventure and I can’t wait to see where it will take me in the future!

How do you handle the frustration of even a small injury?  Does anyone else get weird, dull sensations in their achilles tendon?

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