Election Day: A Politically Neutral Recap?

Much like sex and religion, I view political opinions as best left unsaid in most circumstances…and this blog is no exception.  This is in no way a reflection of my level of conviction or passion for the things I believe in – I’ve just seen how those oh-so-lovely (sense my sarcasm) political Facebook rants of some of my “friends” change my opinion of people I formerly liked and respected.

but on to a more uplifting narrative…

I will attempt to write a politically neutral recap of my election day excitement!

6:00 am – my alarm rings.  snooze.

6:40 am – hubby and I drag ourselves out of bed and into lounge-y clothes to walk to our polling location.

6:45 am – thanks to the incredible location of our home, we walk just a couple blocks to our polling location.

We found the line to be relatively short with just 15 minutes or so to wait for the polling station doors to spring open.  Between playing on our iPhones and some light people-watching opportunities, the time passed quickly.

The little line ahead of us – awaiting the 7 am start of polling!

The line filtered into the building and, before we knew it, it was time to go in.  We picked a post-vote meeting place outside of the building, collected our ballots, and got to it!  I’m not sure if it varies state-to-state and county-to-county but I was impressed by this year’s upgrade to a digital system with a drivers license swipe to verify voter status!  Welcome to the digital age!

7:30 am – All done!  Sticker collected.  Check!  It’s funny how much grown adults enjoy getting a sticker on election day (myself included).  I will sheepishly admit that it may be is the reason I didn’t want to early vote.  Here’s mine:

The obligatory Instagram shot!

A little did you know moment courtesy of my friend and fellow blogger Krissy via Twitter this morning – the “I Voted” stickers vary hugely depending on your state/county/precinct etc. etc.  Who knew?

9 am – 5 pm – Work, work, work!  I’ll spare you the details.

6 – 8:30 pm – GYM TIME!  I started by taking one of my favorite cardio classes which was a nice distraction from all the election day chatter that was soon to chatter.  My the end, I was ready to get my first dose of the ever-exciting exit polls, projections, and other media-driven election day fun!

Today was either a 3 mile tempo run day or 5 mile treadmill interval run.  Since voting bled into what could have been morning tempo run time, intervals were on the agenda tonight!

Watching CNN was actually the perfect distraction and although this challenging run felt even more challenging post-hour-long cardio class, it went by relatively quickly.

The treadmill was a surprisingly a great venue for watching election coverage..and I was loving my new Nike tank!

The Rest of the Evening – home for dinner and more election coverage.  No matter how you feel about the result, you must admit that the “hunt” is always rather exciting, right?

We all know now how it all wrapped up.  I maintain my stance that, whether or not you are pleased, it’s refreshing to have a say in the matter in our wonderful country!

Once we turned off the coverage, we concluded the evening relaxing and catching up on Dexter.  I would just like to make it known that my husband is fully responsible for delaying our Dexter viewing from Sunday to Tuesday night!  What a travesty.

I think we’re all a bit relieved that life and, more importantly, TV commercials will be back to normal!

How did you spend your election day/night?  Did you watch the coverage or did you choose other entertainment instead?

What do you like to watch when you’re tearing through miles on the treadmill?

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