…Kinda.  Ok, well not really, but this exciting news was definitely the highlight of my day.

My wedding cake was featured on “Wedding Cake Wednesday” on the official blog (Facebook and Twitter) of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons!

I just LOVE our beautiful cake...and apparently 1,000+ other people do too!

I just LOVE our beautiful cake…and apparently 1,600+ other people do too!

Although I will absolutely talk a whole lot about my beautiful wedding here over time, here’s a quick behind the scenes making of the design of our wedding cake.

The Inspiration – Let me begin by saying something that people who know me well know with absolute certainty – when I have a vision in my mind of how something will look, I will not rest until it has been executed with perfection!  For this reason, I was obsessively concerned that my wedding cake would not look the way I imagined it would.  For this reason, I went with a simple, classic design that I knew would be easy to communicate and replicate.  Before choosing the design, I had a few goals:

1) No fondant.  I liked the soft look of buttercream and certainly preferred the cake so this was definitely the way to go.  It seems virtually impossible to get buttercream to look perfectly smooth so the stucco texture was just right.

2) Peonies.  I used peonies (silk only because real ones were completely out of season) throughout my wedding floral.  I love them and definitely wanted them to be an accent on the cake.

3) Accessorize!  I knew I wanted a cake topper but wasn’t sure what at first.  Figurines?  A monogram?  Flowers?  I had lots of options but none of them seemed quite right…till I found the perfect solution.

The ExecutionEtsy became my best friend on this particular project (with a little bit of DIY work mixed in there as well.

The silhouette cake topper came from vendor Simply Silhouette.  I was simply (and instantly) in love!  They will create even custom silhouette products based on your photos but I loved vintage style of the topper pictured in the listing that I ordered it just as pictured.

The next vendor I actually found in my search for the perfect silk peony bouquet and was so impressed with the way my bouquet looked that I knew they had to be the source for the floral for my cake.  Morgann Hill Designs took my inspiration photos and made them a reality!  The floral was the perfect size, shape, and color to compliment my bouquet and the decor overall (you can actually see a bit of my bouquet on the right side of the table).

The silhouettes near the cake base were actually a DIY project!  While they look a whole lot like the silhouettes you can have created at the Magic Kingdom, I created them based on photos of vintage silhouettes I found online.  I took a trip to my local Michaels store to stock up on ivory and black construction paper, very teeny-tiny-precise scissors, and the black round frames and dug right in.  I very carefully cut the outline of my printed silhouettes out of the black paper, mounted it on the ivory paper, cut to fit the frame and voila! Here’s the final project just after I finished it:

The Finished Product

Disney’s Grand Floridian Bakery took care of the rest – a delicious cake comprised of vanilla and red velvet layer.  I’m practically drooling just thinking about it now – when’s our anniversary again?  I’m ready to eat the top layer NOW!

Well that was the big and exciting news in the life of Miss Ashley today!  Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a bit about my upcoming race schedule and maybe even share a little bit about the surprisingly delicious dinner I made tonight.  Stay tuned!

Have you ever earned “blogger fame?”

Do you get a little too excited when brands give you some love on Twitter like I do?

2 thoughts on “I’m FAMOUS!

  1. penielmacias says:

    I wanted peonies so bad for my wedding but every single florist told me to give up because they’re horrible to work with. I wish I’d thought of silks. Btw I LOVVVVE your gorgeous cake!!!!

    • whyhellodolly says:

      Thanks so much! I swear, I thought my friends were going to kill me since I talked about peonies non-stop for several months till I found the perfect silk solution. The only live floral alternative that was in season were garden roses but that wait not going to hack it. Wait till you see pictures of my silk peony bouquet – my vendor was amazing! Thanks for reading 🙂

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