“I’m Gonna Wreck It” and a whole mess of random…

To start off, Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2012 is officially underway!


The expo opened this morning at 10 am and closes its doors at 7 pm tonight.  Haven’t stopped by yet?  Well never fear – it will be open tomorrow from 9 am – 4pm too.  I will do an expo recap plus talk about my pre-race routine tomorrow so get excited for that!

Since pure rest and carb consumption has begun (and I have that running-urge all pent up till Saturday night) it’s time for…

A whole mess of random?

I promised and I shall deliver.  It’s Friday and what better way to start off the weekend than with a healthy dose of randomness!

“I’m Gonna Wreck It!”

Although I am a fan of most all things Disney, I was not sure how interested I would be in Disney’s latest feature film Wreck It Ralph.  It certainly deviates from the more typical format of a Disney classic film but Charles was practically dying to see it so off to the movies we went!

I have to say, I was really pleasantly surprised!  Well, it is a little hard to fathom  a John C. Reilly movie that  I don’t like so the movie had a lot going for it from the start.  Although there were a lot of video game references that I didn’t quite understand (as Charles chuckled in the seat next to me), it didn’t seem to matter.  The Disney team took such a creative approach to the story and the detail and nuance in the film’s execution did not go unnoticed.

The characters were lovable, the subject matter was relatable, and above all, it was the perfect balance of sincerity and fun.  The pacing was just right and I found myself walking out of the theater singing the theme song for “Sugar Rush” in my head.  It’s definitely a major bonus that I finally found a Disney movie that my husband can get really excited about – Score!  If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest you clear your calendar.

A busy weekend here in Central Florida

It is an exciting time to live here in the general Walt Disney World vicinity!  This weekend is jam packed with lots of fun events.  In addition to the events of Wine and Dine weekend, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic and Festival of the Masters presented by Michaels are also buzzing with excitement!

I had the opportunity to check out Festival of the Masters for the first time last year and it’s really a great excuse for a day strolling around Downtown Disney. In addition to the talented artists who come for the competition portion of the event, there are great opportunities to purchase beautiful, and Michaels bring fun activities to life across the festival that the whole family will enjoy.  Particularly if you’re here to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, it’s so great low-key fun to fill your race day afternoon.  The event runs today though Sunday and I know I’ll be stopping by!

A new bit of wedding excitement

Just like the ebb and flow of the wedding planning cycle, the months following your wedding are full of quick bursts of excitement with big stretches of restored normalcy in between.  Well we got one of those bursts today!  I received quite the exciting e-mail from our amazing photographer Ashley McCormick:

Time for a happy dance!

I just love them!  It’s like reliving that magical day all over again.  While you’ll have to wait till I have the time and energy for a wedding recap series, I will close this post with some of the “Sneak Peek” photos Ashley featured on her professional blog in september:

Seen any good movies lately?  What is the last movie you saw that wowed you when you had low expectations?

What are you up to this weekend?  Any races?  Are you running Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon too?

2 thoughts on ““I’m Gonna Wreck It” and a whole mess of random…

    • whyhellodolly says:

      Thanks Krissy! I’m definitely in love with them myself! I can’t wait to do a full wedding recap on the blog but I’ll wait till I get my photo discs and have a whole mess of time to write 🙂

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