I have a confession to make…

So this shouldn’t surprise anyone who I have ever lived with or anyone who has seen my desk…but I am somewhat the queen of clutter.  I wouldn’t call it dirty or messy because it’s really none of those things.  Ever since I was little, I have had this sort of organized chaos going on my life where everything seems out-of-place but it makes perfect sense to me.

Organized Chaos?

What I mean by this is although there is no obvious method of organization and things may be in random looking piles, I keep this intricate chronology and spatial map in my mind that allows me to find (almost) anything with relative ease.

(source) I laughed when this came up under the search term “Clutter” in Google Images. i swear, my clutter is not comprised of cats.

One of Many Challenges of Home Ownership

I absolutely love our house.  It is absolutely adorable, the perfect size, and was completely move in ready.  Kudos to the previous owner for having great taste in paint colors in all but 2 rooms (burnt orange and lilac can be beautiful paint colors but they just don’t work for me).  We even bought some incredible furniture when we moved in.  However, the clutter monster has started to take hold of us!

Our home before “the stuff” tried to take over.

For better (or maybe worse), neither my husband or myself are neat freaks.  As such, things can get a little out of control before we just lose it and need to go on an organizing binge to continue to live in our home.  The big negative of this is that by the time you attempt to chip away at the mess, it has become a gargantuan task that requires some serious time.

I blame life.  I know, weak sauce excuse, but things just get so crazy that cleaning up ends up filtering to sort of a low spot on my list of priorities.  Here’s how things basically go…

  1. Get to work. ON TIME (which can be a challenge).
  2. Wake up at dawn and work out AND/OR sneak in a work out after work
  3. Crawl home and try to feed myself before collapsing
  4. Blog if there’s time left
  5. Oh yeah…maybe I should clean?

Well, here is my official declaration to the world.  I will make a serious and definite effort to get my house under control!  With the holidays coming, I want to fill my home with beautiful seasonal decor which just seems pointless if it’s among a flurry of random belongings.  I also have a number of projects pinned or planned in my mind that I want to take on at home.  To do this, I can’t spend every weekend just removing the clutter that has accumulated during the week.  I am excited to make this a priority and then keep it up!

Go Orlando Magic!

On an entirely separate note, we had an amazing time at the Orlando Magic game last night.  Apparently, I like basketball (at least live in the excitement of an arena venue)!  When we arrived at the arena, we couldn’t help but grab a photo with this cute little not-so-little guy:


We headed to our seats and arrived just before the game started.  Despite the Magic’s *ahem* mediocre reputation at the moment, they actually played quite well and held their own against the Celtics.


My favorite part of the game was actually the half time show when a wagon filled with 15 or so dogs pulled into the center of the court.  The dogs hopped out and proceeded to go into a 5-10 minute sequence of amazing tricks!  They were walking on hind legs only, front legs only, did back flips, rode scooter, and tons of other amazing things.  If every sporting event featured a dog show in the middle, well I would be a season ticket holder.  It had all of us in stitches.


As the clock ticked down, it was clear this was going to be a close game.  The last few minutes resulted in lots of nail biting as the teams just narrowly tied as the 4th quarter ended.  The game was tied 102 to 102 when we went into overtime.  Sadly, the Magic lost in the end but they put up a really good fight and it was downright exciting to watch.

Bonus: I got good-wife points at the game so I will be leveraging that for a while.


Have you started your holiday decorating?  How do you stay organized without taking up your whole day doing it?

One thought on “I have a confession to make…

  1. Peg says:

    Ashley…YOU NEED CLEANING PEOPLE….IF NOT WEEKLY THEN EVERYOTHER WEEK! Just look at them as “lifesavers”…please consider. Love, Aunt Peg

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