Sunday Date Night

While we usually go out to dinner with my mom and grandparents as our Sunday evening tradition, we decided to shake things up tonight and have “date night” at home.  Charles had to run to Tampa this afternoon so, while I was waiting for him, I bought food and started cooking.


Thanks to the Pinterest gods, I was able to find a good recipe for pan seared scallops so I decided to give those a go.  Now, I almost never cook so that makes this effort just that much more special.

Setting Off The Fire Alarm

So, cooking was going just fine except I forgot that little rule about turning on the fan over the stove while cooking.  So I was happily searing my scallops in olive oil when all of a sudden, the alarm system starts blaring.  It took me a minute to realize what was going on but because we have our smoke detectors wired into our alarm system, we had a very loud whole-house alarm going off.  Mission one – make the sound stop.  Pressing off on the keypad achieved that.  Mission two – prevent the fire department from coming to the house.  I quickly called ADT’s number and spoke to someone who was able to head off first responders.  That was a relief.  Apparently they also called Charles to alert him and ask if it was a false alarm.

A Culinary Success

The meal got rave reviews from the husband.  In addition to the scallops (which I topped off with a white wine reduction), I made green beans, potatoes, salad, and finished the meal off with some Mickey Mouse christmas cookies we bought at the grocery store this weekend.




Now, I’m off to have some quality time with Charles before we dive into the work week!  On tonight’s agenda, we’re watching The Dark Knight Rises (filmed in my hometown) which we have been dying to see but haven’t got around to it till now.

How do you say connected to your significant other?  What’s your favorite “date night” activity?



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