Travel Drama & A Running Rut

So this, for whatever reason, has been a week full of stress…and I’m just exhausted!

Being Emotionally Tired

As I mentioned, last week was busy, busy, busy at work!  Although I had some time to recover over the weekend, it didn’t quite do the trick.  Over the last few weeks between my business trip, work commitments, fun (but also tiring) social activities and less than ideal amount of running, I feel totally wiped out.  Not to mention, one of my favorite co-workers and best friends celebrated his last day on our team as he is moving on to a new job.  I am so happy for him since this is a promotion and a great opportunity but I am definitely sad not to be working side by side with him anymore!  I am thankful for the impression he made on me personally and on my career.  Although I have no doubts that we will continue our strong, fun-filled friendship on the weekends, change is always hard.

Some of my favorite people!  We'll miss working with you Mike!

Some of my favorite people! We’ll miss working with you Mike!

A Stress Case

A busy schedule inevitably leads to some stress.  I have missed countless classes at my gym (which are definitely a stress reliever and a release for me), I’ve eaten out far too much, robbed myself of sleep, and have gained a lot of new responsibility at work.  Needless to say, the holidays are coming at a good time.  I am also looking forward to my exciting vacation (or should I say run-cation?) at the Disneyland Resort in just a little over a month.  However, even this has become a source of stress!  A very important 3pm work meeting was just scheduled for the day of my planned 9pm arrival back in Orlando.  After exploring every option (moving the meeting was simply not an option) and a great deal of stress-inducing thinking, I have booked a new redeye flight for us the night before which will have us back in Orland at 6 something in the morning – plenty of time to spare.  Why can’t anything just be easy?

One the bright side:

  1. We booked with Southwest Airlines who has an awesome policy that allows you to cancel/change a flight and use the dollars on future travel within a certain window.  So we won’t lose the money for our original return flight and conveniently apply that credit to our upcoming trip to DC for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.
  2. I found out more than a month ahead so flight prices are still fairly reasonable.  Our new flight was still under $200 a person.
  3. We had Delta vouchers that we received after they lost our luggage for the first 5 days of our honeymoon (that’s a story for another day) so we were able to put those to good use.
  4. Taking the redeye actually means one less night in our hotel at Disneyland.  While I would have loved another night there, it’s a savings of over $200.

I guess it all worked out in the end but boy, I would have loved to do without the stress of figuring it out.

A Running Rut!

My love for running is still as strong as ever but I have been so unmotivated to get out and run this week!  I think (and really believe) that this is all the result of being so tired and stressed.  Although running is such a good stress reliever, it also required me waking up an hour and a half earlier than normal in the morning during the week (since it gets dark so early and a post-work run is not an option).  So more stress even just thinking about that!  I would normally have made sure to go to my running group after work on Thursday but I was so darn tired after work yesterday that I didn’t feel like I could muster the energy to do it.  I had so much to do at work that I ended up staying late anyway.  Like I’ve said, this seems like the week that just won’t end.

But Let’s Keep Everything In Perspective

I would be irresponsible to whine about my “first world problems” without reflecting on the tragic events in Connecticut this morning.  It is easy to get absorbed in what are ultimately trivial challenges in our lives.  The health and safety of our friends, family, and loved ones is really all that matters and what we hope for at the end of the day.  The fact that I can spend tonight cuddling with my husband, grab the phone and talk to my mom, and cuddle with my little kitty cats is a privilege I should never take for granted.  While we do not have children yet, I cannot imagine what is must be like to lose a child.  Although our world will never be perfect, I hope to bring my children into an environment where they never have to question their safety.  I hope we look at this horrible incident as a society and make changes that will ensure the safety of all the people we love, especially those who cannot really defend themselves.

Hug those close to you just a little bit closer tonight!

How do you cope with stress in your life?


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