A 7 day streak?

Firstly, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with quality family time.  I know I did!  My whole family was in once place once again and we definitely enjoyed the time.  Here were a few of the highlights:

A visit to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights with the Family


My lovely panorama photo of the lights.


Lots of lovely family time including movies at home, This is 40/Django Unchained at Downtown Disney, all culminating in a lovely Christmas dinner at my parents


The 7 day challenge?

So, some extra time off this week allowed me to have some extra running adventures thus far.  Monday night, Charles and I went for a run together.  Although I felt half sick from the Pad Thai we had eaten not-long-enough-before our run, it was definitely eventful.  We got a late start out so it was quite dark for most of the run.  We encountered a big pack of big black boars just off the sidewalk which scared us to death!  It was so dark, we couldn’t tell what they were at first but could definitely tell that they were big, numerous, and on the move.  We swiftly crossed the street and enjoyed looking at the lights till we returned home.  We were quite a bit more vigilant for wildlife the rest of the way home.

Tuesday was a day off and, although I had hoped to make up for my missed long run on Sunday (I came down with a nasty but very short cold), I ran out of time.  I did get in a nice moderately paced 5 miles before rushing off to my parent’s house for dinner.

So tonight, I was very excited to find out that my Kaxaze (hip hop dance) class was on!  This realization was bittersweet though as I wasn’t quite ready to end my running streak.  So when class ended, I headed to the treadmill to sneak in 2 miles.  So the challenge is on.  Can I sustain 7 consecutive days of running this week?  I usually like to break it up so I don’t get burnt out or injured but there’s no harm in changing things up every once in a while.  I have a group run tomorrow night (and may try to get up and do a tempo run before work too), and should put in intervals on Friday.  Saturday would normally be off but a few nice relaxed miles with Charles might be a good addition and there’s no getting out of Sunday’s long run.  I am up to 10 miles so far this week and could potentially max out at 33 miles or so (as compared to my normal 22-ish).  No matter what, this should be an interesting journey.  So let’s see how this goes!



Have you ever set a week-long or month-long running challenge for yourself?  If so, how did it go?

How did you spend your holiday?


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