Why Hello 2013!

Happy New Year Everyone!


We had an absolutely fabulous time with our wonderful friends last night and brought in the New Year in the best way I can imagine.

Go Magic!

To begin, we had tickets for the Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat game.  Charles was just dying to see this match up so this was probably the part of the night he was most looking forward to.

Sitting in our seats between the first and second quarter.

Sitting in our seats between the first and second quarter.

This is our third Magic game this year but probably the most exciting of all!  We sort of have our routine down now (which is always fun) and I am sure there are many more games in our future.  We connected with our friends and finished watching the game from one of the bar spaces in the arena.  It was actually a very close game and went into overtime.  The end was a nail biter!




Dinner & Countdown Time!

Rather than braving the insanity of Downtown Orlando on New Years, we decided to head to Dr. Philips to grab dinner at J. Alexander.  It was a lovely meal full of laughs, good food, and time with some of our best friends.

He then headed to Bar Louie for drinks, dancing, and counting down to 2013.  There was a lot of excellent people watching which kept us entertained for much of the evening.  The DJ was pretty decent and we got out to dance a bit as well.  We counted down, watched the ball drop, and continued to have a blast.





The First Day of 2013

We took this morning easy for the most part.  We caught up on a bit of shopping this afternoon and got home just in time for me to sneak in a quick run to kick off the year on the right foot:

IMG_3436I planned to do this run as a recovery run but was more speedy than I had planned to be.  I was a bit slower than my tempo run pace but not as relaxed as I thought I would be.

What better way to spend the first day of the year but out pounding the pavement?  Here’s to an exciting 2013!  I hope to put in many miles, hit many new milestones, and see what the year has in store for me as a runner.

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?  Did you get out and active to kick off 2013?



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