Friday = RESTday

For some unknown reason, I have been so super exhausted this week.  I don’t mean “oh, I could use a good nap.”  I have had shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, compromised performance during my workouts, heart racing after stupid stuff like walking upstairs, etc.  While this doesn’t happen often, it has happened before.  I’m sure it’s not incredibly normal (yes, I will mention it to my doctor in the future) but I think it’s just extreme exhaustion.  This is going on since Wednesday and, while I did still go for my group run yesterday, I took it at a really easy pace and focused on talking to my friends rather than pushing my pace.  Since the weather for Sunday looks fairly gross, I decided to reorganize my weekend workout schedule – tonight off, long run tomorrow, and speed work (inside on the treadmill and away from the rain) on Sunday.  Sounds like a plan.

My Evening So Far

After work, my friend Nan and I started on a very important mission: prepare our Color Run fashion plan!

If you are not familiar, the Color Run is a fun-filled 5k experience where you are required to wear white and volunteers pelt you with colored dust at each kilometer mark.  In fact, it is the self-proclaimed “happiest 5k on the planet.”  This video describes it better than I probably ever could:

We’re going with a white tutu look.  While we have a few more elements to buy, we at least got all the fabric we need so we can start construction sometime in the next week.  It should be tons of fun!


Pink Hair?

The interesting fact (that I didn’t know when I signed up) is that the colored powder can actually stain blonde hair for a few days.  Oh no.

To make matters worse, I have to get my hair done just days before this race in order to sneak it in before heading to California for Tinker Bell.  With fresh highlights, I am not willing to take the risk of them turning green.  No thank you.

I will be taking the suggested precaution of putting leave in conditioner before the race and will be covering my hair with a bandana.

The Rest of Tonight

My agenda: Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.  My body is obviously screaming out for some extra R&R and so I will listen to it for once.  Although I will be full speed ahead for my long run tomorrow, I will let myself sleep in tomorrow and not do much of anything tonight.  Catch up on the DVR, chat with Charles, and just plain relax.

Taking this weekend fairly easy will probably be in my best interest.  Tinker Bell is just 2 weeks away (as hard as that is to believe) with our vacation starting even a few days before that.  This is not a time to push my body to the limit and end up sick.  I have been craving a visit to Animal Kingdom (I need my cute animal fix!) so we will hopefully get there for a bit after my long run tomorrow but otherwise, hang around the house and maybe have dinner out with my family.

I will stop my exhaustion-induced rambling.  See you (hopefully much more rested) on the other side!

How do you overcome exhaustion?  How do you recharge?


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