Blonde Ambition

I had the lovely treat today of hitting the hairdresser and voila:



The brilliance of my blonde has been restored!  Aside from the fact that my hair was due for a refresh, it’s always nice to pay a pre-vacation visit to the salon.  Disneyland is right around the corner!

Pre-Race Planning

With Tinker Bell fast approaching on the horizon, I have lots of preparation ahead of me.  We have a few more logistical items to figure out like making a reservation for the shuttle between the airport and the hotel and the same for our return flight but most importantly, I need to make my packing list so I have everything I have for the trip but more importantly for race day.

The Forecast



This is spectacular race day weather, really.  Hopefully this should help to make this a PR-prone race (fingers crossed).  However, for this Florida transplant, 48 degrees is also a bit scary!  Since we rarely have even 50 degree mornings, I have almost no idea how to dress for this race.  If I wear long sleeves, will I end up being too hot?  I did get some arm warmers so short sleeves with arm warmers is another option.  Long tights or capri tights?  i think I will probably have to take it all and decide.

Unfortunately, we have 80 degree days in the forecast until just before we leave so there won’t be much of an opportunity to try out my race day look in advance.  Does anyone have experience racing in these sorts of temps?  What do you recommend for race-day apparel?

Pre-Race Runs

Tomorrow is my last scheduled long run before Tink!  While I have a few more runs ahead of me after that, I hope to take it fairly easy, run relaxed, and not get sick or injured.  We also have a few days of Disneyland fun before race day so I will probably not sneak in any runs once we arrive at Disneyland.  My pre-race strategy (which has worked out well for me so far) is to take it easy during race week.  I trust the hard work and training I have put in and try not to go stir crazy waiting to run again.  I think that pent-up urge to go for a run works in my favor when I hit that race course.

The excitement is building – race week is almost here!  Until then, it’s time for some much-needed rest, one more hard run, and lots of mental preparation.

How do you get prepared as race week approaches?

What do you wear to race in “cold” weather?


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