#RunningReboot – A New Challenge

I’m already mentally gearing up for Tempo run in the morning.  Tempo runs are always mentally challenging but it has been really rough for the last few weeks.  It has been hard to wake up, cold some mornings, and I have just been too easy on myself.  Well, it’s back to it tomorrow!  I am eager to see if I’ve moved the needle on my time at all in the last few weeks.

A New Challenge – The #RunningReboot


So, as I have mentioned in the past, I am proudly a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  Well, the lovely folks at Sweat Pink/Fit Approach are hosting a “Running Reboot Challenge” with the chance to win a gift certificate from Splits59 as the prize.

It sounds pretty simple – you are asked to try something new in your life as a runner each week for the duration of the contest and post a photo of it.  This could be a new route, a new workout, a new outfit, or almost anything else new and running-related.

Well, I’m ready to take on the challenge!  Follow my Twitter account @WhyHelloDolly to see ongoing updates (and to be alerted to my new blog posts in real-time which I’m sure you can’t wait for!).

A Week Without Water

Ok, well that title was a bit over dramatic, but we have been suffering without clean water here in Celebration since midday yesterday.  It is incredible how much you take having nice clean water through the tap until it is taken from you without notice.

I am not sure what caused the issue, but we have had a boil alert throughout the whole community since yesterday.  I have to give the community credit as they have done an incredible job of communicating the issue to all the residents – from an automated message via phone to lighted signs with details and the URL for a website with more information at entrances to the community.

Charles has been tasked with buying a bunch of bottled water on his way home so we shall survive!  I did have to brush my teeth at work this morning so I am hoping I won’t have to do that anymore since we will be just a bit more prepared.  I’m glad I stock up on Gatorade G2 as my post-run refuel drink.  If I relied on water, I would be in trouble this week!  I am trying to avoid getting dehydrated though!  I try to drink a lot of water in the evenings since it definitely has a positive impact on my athletic performance so this is a less-than-ideal situation.  We will stay strong and never forget the great Celebration water contamination of 2013!

Have you introduced anything new to your running routine for 2013?


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