The Great Spring Clean of 2013

Hello again friends!  This has been yet another hectic, crazy, but ever-productive week.  Most notably, my time has been consumed by what I am now calling “The Great Spring Clean of 2013.”  I know, spring cleaning is cliché and I really haven’t been inspired by the “spring cleaning” thing anyway.  I am just finally at my wit’s end.

How It All Started

Let me take a step back in time to May 2, 2012.  Closing day.  After much searching, consideration, negotiation, and paper work, Charles and I finally purchased our very first home.  While we were still a few months ahead of our wedding day, the timing lined up as the perfect home presented itself to us and it was off to the races to negotiate a price and then go through the sometimes tedious process of securing our mortgage and closing on the house.

photo 1


That process was relatively seamless and, for the first time, Charles and I were actually living in the same city (up to this point, we had been taking turns making the hour+ commute between the Orlando and Tampa areas to see each other every weekend).

What We Didn’t Take Into Account

If I could give any new homeowner a piece of advice, it would be get organized when you move in and don’t put it off.  It only gets harder.  To say things were rushed when we moved in would be putting it mildly.  We bought some new furniture, brought other items from where we were living before, and had all of the basics we needed in place.  What we failed to do was to take the extra time and effort put organizational systems in place that would help us stay on track in the long run.

The result?  Chaos.  Granted, the timing was far from ideal as we were in the throes of wedding planning, Charles was learning how to deal with an hour long commute every day, and of course include my ongoing rigorous training schedule.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  Like all snowballs, they grow bigger as time goes.  Fast forward a year and the house still looks like we just moved in…and not in a neat or organized fashion either.

Renewed Resolve

I finally got a big dose of inspiration, ramped up my pinterest time, and decided we need to roll up our sleeves and start all of the cleaning and decorating efforts that we have simply ignored over the last year.  Maybe the one year anniversary of our close date was the kick in the butt I needed.  Just like in work, running, or life in general, a year with no measurable progress – or worse, a step backwards – is just not acceptable.

So, if I neglect blogging, rest assured that it is for the greater good.  I am getting inspired and, more importantly, getting down to business.  We are also contemplating taking on a pretty major renovation project to move the old washer and dryer (which, by the way, are on the fritz) from the garage to the second floor where our small walk in closet is now and convert a bonus area into the luxurious, large closet I have always needed.  Pictures and commentary to follow.

On the Training Front

Just about the only thing that has not suffered is my running.  I actually pulled a 37 mile week last week which is a personal weekly distance record for me.  I am continuing to incorporate speed work and tempo runs until my next 5k during Memorial Day Weekend.  From there, I will re-evaluate and create my summer plan.  It time for serious mileage building and I am somewhat looking forward to the psychological break from the pressure of really tough weekly workouts.  I think this will be a great opportunity to lay the foundation that will allow me to really grow as I enter the fall racing season.

Have you caught the spring cleaning bug?


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