Staying Strong on Day Six!

It feels good to see this much green filling up my Nike+ week:


My sole mission for today was to get my treadmill speed workout done.  That means I barely did anything else (you know, all those mental negotiations insuring my arrival at the gym took too much energy to do much else).  My original plan was to do 8 x 400 (plus a 2 mile warm up).  However, as I started, I realized that the plan would really tax my legs and leave me in bad shape for my planned long run tomorrow.  Stopping after 4 x 400 followed by another mile cool down seemed like a good compromise that will hopefully avoid injury and fatigue on tomorrow’s run.

I feel great on day 6.  This “challenge” has not actually felt that challenging after all.  Having a clear goal each day has made it harder to make excuses for not running.  I tend to be pretty good and sticking with my weekly plan but this tougher routine has been quite easy to adapt to.  As a reward for this week’s work and keeping in mind that the Tinker Bell 1/2 only about 3 weeks away, I will probably take Monday as a rest day and cross train Tuesday.  I will be upping my usual weekly mileage to about 30 miles this week (up from my usual 20-24) so I do not want to get injured!

Speaking of Tinker Bell, I can’t believe it’s so soon!  It has always seemed remote but it is certainly sneaking its way up.  As we round the corner into the new year, I will need to start mentally focusing on this race as well as choosing my next 5k.  I want to put a buffer between Tink and Princess and (hopefully) also select a race that has a healthy field but that I may have a chance of getting an AG place.  We shall see what the future holds!

What’s your next race?  How frequently do you race?  Do you plan it out at the beginning of the year or as you go?



2 thoughts on “Staying Strong on Day Six!

  1. imarunner2012 says:

    I started signing up for 2013 races in November. I try to get the early registration discount and like to get them on my calendar so my wife has plenty of notice!
    My next race is a 10K on New Year’s Day. This will be my 3rd year running a New Year’s Day race. It’s a great and healthy tradition.
    If you need a list of races, my blog has a widget that lists web sites where you can find races.

    • whyhellodolly says:

      Great advice! I have some of my bigger distance races picked out but I should definitely work on planning the rest of my year. I will definitely check out the list on your blog! Thanks for reading!

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