Happy New 5k PR Day To Me!

This week has just been crazy and  I sincerely meant to write a post leading up to today’s 5k but sometimes, even with the best of intentions, it is hard to sneak a blog post it.

While I would have loved to share all of my pre-race thoughts, strategy, and jitters with you, I will be more than happy to give you an in-depth post-mortem in a future recap post.

While you wait ever so patiently for a full race recap, I will share some of the basics of today’s excitement!  I am still waiting on official results to be posted online but here are some of the exciting basic details:


The 2013 St. Patty’s Day Dash & Bash – Apopka, FL (*updated*)

Time: PR 23:28 or 23:29 (based on clock time at finish – still waiting on official results online) confirmed in official results

Gender Place: 4th (based on announcer) confirmed in official results

Overall Place: 23rd

Award: 2nd in 25-29 age group (complete with a fancy pants Beef ‘O Brady’s Gift Certificate as a prize)

I have been a little nervous to jump into the 5k race distance but this was a great comeback race.  Based on how I felt and my splits/results, I think I have gained a great deal of fitness since my last race and look forward to my next effort.  Plus, I ran a much smarter race and focused on strategy rather than just running my legs off.  It felt great!

more to come…

Did you tackle a St. Patty’s Day themed event today?


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